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About Us


IT companies struggle to initially break into the government market.   They tend to go through several starts and stops as they run against significant barriers to entry.  It is like learning a foreign language for the first time.  Until you immerse yourself into the market for several years, you cannot understand fully how to position and sell your products.  The current government resellers and distributors are not setup to support an IT company that is just starting to sell to government since they only get paid through aggregation of revenue or margin through reselling the software.  This forces the IT company to do most of the learning on their own and leads to a significant delay in revenue.

Our Approach

Government Sales as a Service

We are transforming the way IT companies break into the Government market by offering a unique sales model that dramatically reduces the barriers to entry and accelerates the time to revenue while avoiding the costly internal investment in people and infrastructure.  We do this by offering a set of comprehensive sales capabilities that can be leveraged through a simple monthly subscription pricing model. The sales capabilities range from simple bid-board monitoring and contract management to outside sales and channel development.  We don't require any long term contract or commitment and you can change your subscription selections after 6 months.


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Contract Management

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Channel Development

Meet Our Team

We are Federal Sales experts with an average of 20+ years of experience speaking the government language.

Jay Colavita
Founder & President

John Severino
Vice President,
Federal Sales

Chet Hayes
Chief Technology Officer

Jim Kovach
Director, Federal
Advisory Board

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