Instabase is a software company designed to automate the manual review process associated with unstructured data. At the highest level it supports the largest enterprises across the commercial & Federal space automatically classify, extract and validate highly variable data at scale. Instabase is positioned across key areas in the market space to alleviate backlogs, process complex information and solve problems that typically require significant manual intervention.

Instabase is a software company with an on-prem (can be in the customer cloud) & SAAS offerings (not fully available to its Federal customers but on commercial side). Where Instabase differentiates, is its ability to deal with highly unstructured information (think free form text, legal docs, handwritten info, financial statements etc.), accuracy rate & time to value. Instabase is able to train on fewer documents with higher accuracy compared to industry standards due to its transformer based deep learning models. Its easy to use and highly flexible platform allows users a drag and drop interface when building solutions, allowing folks to build repeatable solutions without a PHD in data science.

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