Workiva, Inc.


Workiva Inc., provides enterprises with cloud solutions for improving productivity, accountability and insight into business data. The Company created Wdesk, a collaborative work management platform for organizations to collect, link, report and analyze their business data. Wdesk's word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications are integrated and built upon a data management engine, offering synchronized data, controlled collaboration, granular permissions and a full audit trail. As of December 31, 2016, it provided its platform to over 2,700 organizations. Wdesk enables coworkers to create, review and publish data-linked documents and reports with control, accuracy and productivity. With Wdesk data linking, changes are automatically updated in all linked instances, including numbers, text, charts and graphics throughout a customer's spreadsheets, word-processing documents and presentation decks in the Wdesk platform.

Wdesk's Evidence Management allows users, including internal audit and compliance teams (OMB A-123), to digitally embed and annotate evidence in work papers with a complete audit trail, which helps its customers identify, assess and mitigate risks. Wdesk utilizes Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, which enable it to scale its compute and storage capacity on an as-needed basis. It offers Wdesk solutions for a range of use cases in markets, including finance and accounting; audit and internal controls; risk and compliance, and operations. Its platform enables co-workers to collaborate within the same Wdesk document, spreadsheet, presentation or report at the same time from any location with Internet access. Wdesk enables coworkers to create, review and publish data-linked documents and reports in a single, secure cloud platform.

The Company's enterprise-grade data engine enables users to collect, aggregate and manage their unstructured and structured data in Wdesk. With Wdesk permissions features, administrators can control access at all levels, down to an individual data point, for each user to create, edit, comment and review data and documents that relate directly to them. Wdesk provides accountability and transparency through a detailed audit trail that tracks every change made by every user over time. Users can assign and respond to tasks, as well as request, review and approve documentation within Wdesk. Its cloud platform allows its customers to implement and scale users and solutions within days, without the need to install and maintain infrastructure hardware and software necessary for on-premise deployments.


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