Vertosoft Announces Brian Strosser as Founding Member of Vertosoft's Advisory Board
Vertosoft is thrilled to announce the establishment of their Advisory Board, with Brian Strosser as the founding member. The board’s mission is to strengthen Vertosoft’s industry growth strategies and to provide enhanced market knowledge to their supplier and partner network. Brian’s extensive experience and leadership skills in the government sector will be an invaluable asset to the Vertosoft Advisory Board...
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Vertosoft Announces Addition of Latent AI to Their GSA Contract - GS-35F-688GA
LEESBURG, Va., July 18, 2024 ( - Vertosoft is thrilled to announce that a new supplier, Latent AI, has been added to their GSA Contract, number GS-35F-688GA. The addition of Latent AI to Vertosoft’s GSA contract facilitates the way for their MLOps software to be directly marketed to the Federal, State, and Local Government...
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Artifcial Intelligence Appreciation Day
On July 16th, we celebrated AI Appreciation Day, a time to reflect on the incredible advancements and contributions of artificial intelligence to our daily lives. For a little fun, we asked ChatGPT to write a blog about itself in honor of this day. As an AI language model created by OpenAI, I'm excited to share my story, capabilities, and the impact I've had on the world. My journey began with the development of the GPT-4 architecture by OpenAI. Built on the foundation of its predecessors, GPT-4 represents a significant leap in natural language understanding and generation. Through countless hours of training on diverse datasets, I have been fine-tuned to assist users in a myriad of tasks, from answering questions and providing recommendations to creative writing and technical support.
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Vertosoft Named as New Public Sector Distributor for Ontotext
Vertosoft announced that they have been named as Ontotext’s newest Public Sector distributor for their semantic knowledge graph database solutions. Under this new agreement, Vertosoft’s contract vehicles and partner network will facilitate easy access for government procurement of Ontotext’s software and semantic solutions...
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From VMs to Kubernetes: A Future-Proof Approach to IT Infrastructure
Ah, the good old days when Virtual Machines (VMs) first emerged! Remember how they revolutionized our IT infrastructure? VMs enabled us to run multiple OS environments on a single piece of hardware, significantly improving hardware utilization. They isolated applications for better security, simplified disaster recovery, and streamlined development and testing environments. It felt like magic, offering unmatched flexibility and efficiency...
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Vertosoft is a high value distributor dedicated to providing the most coveted innovative and emerging technology solutions to the government. Our comprehensive solution portfolio coupled with our elite services provide channel partners and suppliers with the enablement, inside sales support, contracts, and compliant systems required to drive growth in the government market.

The Vertosoft Difference

At Vertosoft we are fueled by an innovative mindset and an
entrepreneurial culture. We are agile and responsive—constantly finding new ways to create unique and added value for each of our clients.

Vertosoft is positioned to reduce complexity and provide scalable, cost-efficient technology solutions that enable government agencies to deliver smarter, client-centric digital transformations. Together, with our industry-leading manufacturers, we are able to accomplish these objectives.

Entrepreneurial Culture

Vertosoft’s entrepreneurial culture allows us to continually innovate new and innovative ways to drive value for our clients.

Strong Portfolio

With our portfolio of innovative and emerging technology partners, we are uniquely positioned to enable digital transformations that are cost effective and reduce complexity for government agencies.

Clear Focus

With our clear focus on emerging technology growth in government, Vertosoft is positioned to reduce difficulty and provide scalable, cloud-ready technology solutions.

Save Time, Let Us Do The Work For You

Vertosoft provides 70+ combined years of government software sales experience supporting all aspects of the government acquisition lifecycle. As a result of that experience, we offer unique solutions to facilitate government customer's awareness of innovative technology, manufacture's access to the government market, and public sector partners adoption of emerging technologies.

Driving Technology Growth in Government


Discover how to aquire emerging technology solutions and products



Learn more about the services we provide our suppliers in addressing the Government Market



Accelerate the adoption of emerging technology with your government customers.


Words From
Our Suppliers

Brian Price
Brian Price@Kion
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"Kion started working with Vertosoft in early 2017 to help us refine our pricing model and software distribution strategy … Now, Vertosoft is an extension of our sales team, helping us actively find the next set of federal agencies who could benefit from our solution and expand our federal presence. Their team actually understands highly technical cloud solutions and can help easily articulate our value proposition, whether over phone calls, emails or in person at conferences and events."
Claudia Arriaga
Claudia Arriaga@opengov
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"Working with Jay and Vertosoft is like working with an extension of your own company. From public contract vehicle guidance to quick quote turns, Vertosoft is a trusted advisor always able to navigate any procurement scenario. I can't speak highly enough of Jay, whose partnership has helped our company continue to move further upmarket. Jay is a critical part of the OpenGov team. The partnership has been a critical part of our success. Our experience is excellent."
Sean Piket
Sean Piket@ConverSight
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“We are proud to partner with Vertosoft to deliver advanced generative AI and data analytics to benefit the public sector with the speed and agility found in the private sector.”
Heather Young
Heather Young@Claroty
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“With Vertosoft’s proven success in helping federal agencies reap the benefits of emerging technology, we are making great strides to strengthen the security posture and overall resilience of the public sector.”
Kurt Michael
Kurt Michael@Kiteworks
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“We are very excited to add Vertosoft as a Kiteworks Channel First Partner.”
Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer@GrammaTech
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“Vertosoft is a trusted technology partner for government agencies, especially within the defense and intelligence communities.”
Director of Partner Success
Director of Partner Success@Torch.AI
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“We see Vertosoft as a key component of our public sector strategy and plan to leverage their experience in bringing technology to the government market.”