For IT companies, the Federal Government is too large a market to ignore.

Federal IT spend is estimated to be north of $86 billion in FY18.

At Vertosoft, we are focused on transforming the way IT companies break into the government markets. We have found that many companies have a hard time gaining traction and face significant barriers to entry. To address this challenge, we have developed a unique sales model that dramatically reduces the barriers to entry and accelerates the time to revenue while allowing IT companies to avoid the costly internal investment in people and infrastructure. We accomplish this by providing an outsourced federal team to handle all of the government infrastructure setup, contracts, marketing, demand creation, channel strategy, business development, and outside sales. We become their virtual federal sales team. Once we prove out the market and begin driving revenue, then we begin transitioning over operations and sales to them to manage and run.

For IT companies that already have an established federal market, we also provide the ability for companies to leverage specific capabilities that they need help with on a monthly basis through a simple monthly subscription price. A company might need complex deal support, BD support, contract management, or maybe just help with lead generation as an example.