Vertosoft Federal Sales Operations

Vertosoft can manage your back office Federal Sales Operations for your company, freeing up valuable time to focus on growing the business.

  • Contract Compliance & Management

    Vertosoft can provide price list management, compliance checks, required contract fee payment reporting, etc. These things take time and can be complex. Vertosoft’s experienced team can make this complex process simple and straightforward.

  • CFIUS Requirements Remediation

    Vertosoft can provide back-office IT infrastructure separate from your corporate IT to meet CFIUS requirements related to the separation of data.

  • Dedicated Federal IT Infrastructure.

    Vertosoft can provide your organization with dedicated laptops and Office 365 infrastructure to separate your commercial business from your federal business if required.

  • Proof of Entitlement Management Portal

    Vertosoft can provide a portal for government customers to login and view what software they have purchased, when it was purchased, and when it needs to be renewed.

  • Help desk

    US Based Tier 1 and Tier 2 Help desk staffed by US Citizens

Government Sales as a Service

At Vertosoft our team is uniquely positioned to serve as a virtual extension of your government sales team. Our team facilitates government infrastructure setup, contracts, marketing, demand creation, channel strategy, inside and outside sales activities, and business development. Once you achieve scalable growth, we then transition our operations and sales efforts back to the manufacturer to maintain and grow.

For emerging technology manufacturers that already have an established government market, we help manufacturers leverage specific capabilities to augment their existing government sales teams to accelerate revenue growth.

Emerging Technology Aggregation

Most government software distributors do not have the proper resources to support emerging technology manufacturers. At Vertosoft, we support emerging technology manufacturers by providing a dedicated and experienced government sales team focused on developing and executing a government go-to-market strategy that includes:


Vertosoft's dedicated sales team is here to be an extension of yours creating lead generation and running call campaigns.


Need help with your go-to market strategy to the government. Let Vertosoft help you with event and conferences, content delivery, and field marketing.

Contract Management

Vertosoft's contract management knowledge can help you navigate government terms and conditions and utilize Federal, State, and Local Contract Vehicles.

Channel Development

Vertosoft has a strong government partner relationship management with helps maintaining channel programs and partner recruitment.