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Contract Type: Nationwide Purchasing Cooperative Contract
Period of Performance: April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2025
Awardee: Vertosoft, LLC
Contract Number: 692-23

Contract Overview

BuyBoard is a cooperative purchasing program that allows public schools, colleges, universities, cities, counties, and other government entities to purchase goods and services at discounted prices. It was established in 1998 by the National School Boards Association and is currently administered by the Texas Association of School Boards. BuyBoard is based in Texas, but can be utilized on a National scale 

BuyBoard provides a centralized online marketplace where government entities can purchase a wide range of products, including office supplies, technology equipment, furniture, and vehicles, as well as services such as construction, maintenance, and repair. The program also provides access to competitively awarded contracts from reputable suppliers, which helps to streamline the procurement process and save time and resources for government entities.

To use BuyBoard, government entities must become members by completing a simple registration process. Once registered, members can access the BuyBoard website to browse products and services, place orders, and manage their accounts. Members can also take advantage of the program’s training and support services to help them make informed purchasing decisions and optimize their procurement processes.


  • The BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative was established in 1998 by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), which is a nonprofit organization that represents and provides services to more than 1,000 public school districts and other educational entities in the state of Texas.
  • The cooperative was created in response to a need for a streamlined and efficient procurement process for public schools and other government entities. By leveraging the purchasing power of its members, the BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative is able to negotiate favorable pricing and contract terms with vendors, which can result in cost savings for its members.