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What is Chat with Chet?

Hosted by Vertosoft’s CTO, Chet Hayes, ‘Chat with Chet’ is a podcast series that focuses on the latest technology solutions for the Government and Public Sector. Tune in to stay up to date on technology within the government. Do you want to ‘Chat with Chet’? Reach out to to inquire about sitting down with Chet for a podcast episode.

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Meet the Host

Chet Hayes

Vertosoft, Chief Technology Officer

For over a quarter of a century, Chet Hayes has been at the forefront of technological innovation, crafting solutions to some of the government’s most daunting challenges. Now, as the Chief Technology Officer at Vertosoft, he’s driving a new era of digital transformation across government agencies through the adoption of emerging technologies.

Before Vertosoft, Chet showcased his prowess at GDIT, a position that saw him merging traditional strategy with cutting-edge digital insights. His leadership at SAIC further solidified his reputation as a tech visionary in technical leadership capacities.

But his journey didn’t start there. Chet’s impressive portfolio also includes strategic roles with industry giants like MarkLogic Corporation, BEA Systems, and Sun Microsystems. Each chapter of his career has been a testament to his ability to not only foresee the technological curve but to apply it in support of the most demanding government missions.