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Business Classification: Small Business
Partner Type: Value Added Reseller, Solutions Provider
Solution Focus: DevOps, Business Applications and Artificial Intelligence 

Bienabee Technologies is an IT quality assurance and software development lifecycle firm specializing in enterprise software solutions. We focus on understanding our clients’ needs and applying industry-best practices to design tooling and processes that deliver quality software on time and under budget. Our offerings encompass a comprehensive range of quality assurance services tailored to companies and government organizations engaged in developing and deploying software or pre-packaged applications. These services include QA management, test/automation leadership, automated testing, solution architecture, and roles such as IT Program/Product/Project Management and Scrum Master, alongside consultation on various aspects of the software development lifecycle. With extensive experience across a variety of industries—including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, telecom, financial, and energy sectors—our firm has served over 100 commercial entities, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. Our IT Quality Assurance services are meticulously designed to ensure that software products not only meet but exceed industry standards. Relevant Client Sampling: Federal Reserve Bank of NY: QA Tooling Training Pratt & Whitney: Automated Testing Framework Architecture M&T Bank: QA Tooling Deployment, Customization, and Integration T-Mobile: SDLC Tooling Overhaul, Revamp, and Custom Development Abbott Laboratories: Test Automation Architect Best Buy: QA Tooling Administration and ERP Automation Framework Architecture Our team comprises highly skilled experts who leverage the latest technologies and tools to ensure that our clients’ software products achieve the highest quality. Our approach to quality assurance is holistic, encompassing every stage from software requirements and design through to development, testing, and implementation, ensuring comprehensive testing and adherence to the highest quality standards. In addition to testing services, we also provide software development consultation to enhance development and quality assurance processes within business units. Our services include training and mentoring on software development best practices, process improvement consulting, and risk management consulting. In summary, Bienabee Technologies combines deep industry knowledge with a proven track record to support businesses in developing high-quality software products, managing projects efficiently, and navigating the complexities of software testing and development.

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