Written by: Chet Hayes


Much to the chagrin of companies across America, the NCAA Basketball Tournament that we call March Madness is upon us. WalletHub estimates that corporations will lose $13.8B due to unproductive workers, and around $10B will be wagered during the tournament. People have been listening to pundits, pouring over data, and looking for anything that might give them an edge in filling out a winning bracket for their office bracket pool, or give them family bragging rights until next year’s tournament, or win big on a wager.

At Vertosoft we like a little competition and have a company-wide office pool going with a pretty sweet prize for the winner. On top of that, March Madness gives us an opportunity to showcase some of our technology partner’s capabilities. For example, any good analytical model needs data from a wide range of data sources. StreamSets provides a data integration platform for smart data pipelines and all your DataOps needs. Whether you are integrating basketball statistics from multiple data providers or aggregating mission data from multiple systems into a real-time event-driven architecture, StreamSets can help operationalize data integration to deliver continuous data to every part of the mission in the face of constant change.

Another technology partner is DataRobot. The DataRobot AI Platform is one of the most comprehensive machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms on the market today. Using the DataRobot platform, organizations can build machine learning models in any development environment, using any package or library, with their preferred programming language and have the most robust model deployment, performance monitoring, and life cycle management available. This robust platform gives organizations a foundation for ‘Trusted AI’ – being able to explain the predictions that were being made and include bias and fairness monitoring. AI-enabled predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, and AI-enabled insider threat and malware detection are just a few of the many examples that DataRobot has been used for by government agencies.

If your organization is looking to leverage analytics in support of the mission, or just looking to get started with how machine learning might be of benefit, give us a call and let’s talk about how tools like StreamSets and DataRobot can support your agencies analytical needs.

And if you are interested in a March Madness bracket developed by a machine learning model, check out the graphic below.