Cambridge Semantics provides an open standard-based semantic layer along with an enterprise-scale information fabric as an overlay that manages common access to all of their organization’s information assets. The implementation of an Anzo solution is the first step that a customer can take towards this goal. Cambridge Semantics regularly help their customers to achieve what initially may seem impossible or perhaps just impossibly impractical, by deploying their multiple breakthrough data management and analytics technologies.

Cambridge Semantics specializes in the practical application of knowledge graphs for data management and analytics at any scale. Our products apply open data standards,  semantic models and graph technology to connect and harmonize all manner of diverse, complex and entity-rich data. By integrating structured and unstructured data into vast enterprise knowledge graphs, we expose and amplify the value of enterprise data, empowering business-users to answer any question via an interactive and automated querying experience. Our next generation knowledge graph platform, Anzo, is delivered via hybrid cloud on-demand infrastructure and represents a paradigm shift in data management and analytics

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