Written By: Chet Hayes, Vertosoft CTO

October is not just about Halloween; it’s also Cybersecurity Awareness Month! While ghosts and goblins are spooky, the thought of getting hacked is downright terrifying. But fear not! We’ve got four easy steps recommended by CISA to make your online experience as sweet as the candy corn you’ll be munching on this month.

1. Crafting the Perfect Password Potion

Whip up a concoction of letters (both upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols to create a password that even the most wicked hacker can’t crack. Think of it as the secret spell that keeps the digital demons at bay. And if remembering complex incantations isn’t your thing, a password manager can be your magical grimoire, safely storing all your spells.

2. The Magical Shield of MFA

In the mystical world of the internet, a password is just the beginning. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and voila, you’ve got yourself a magical shield that adds an extra layer of defense against the dark arts of hacking!

3. Phishing Phantoms Beware!

Ghosts and phantoms lurk in the depths of your inbox, casting spells to lure you into their traps. Be a vigilant guardian! Recognize these deceitful spirits, avoid their cursed baits, and report them to banish them into the abyss.

4. The Enchantment of Updates

In the ever-evolving digital realm, staying updated is staying protected. Each update is like a new enchantment, fortifying your devices against the nefarious beings of the cyber underworld. Embrace these updates, and let your software shine with the radiant light of security!

So, as you prepare for a month of frights and delights, remember, cybersecurity can be a treat, not a trick! Follow these four enchanted steps, and make your digital realm a sanctuary where security and fun coexist in mystical harmony. Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!