The first cloud-based software to manage the end-to-end policymaking process. Policymakers save time and resources with a single source of truth for all policymaking activity. Esper is a mission-driven group of technologists and policy experts passionate about improving the policymaking process in government.

With better access to data, comes more informed policy. Esper started by ingesting federal and state regulations and laws directly into the product. We allow agencies to seamlessly search policy by keyword, flag policies to review later and conduct side-by-side comparisons of policies.

Esper believes in increased transparency across the policymaking process. This is why citizen engagement is a core function of our product. Agencies can gather and analyze this meaningful feedback from the citizens their policies impact the most.

Collaboration has historically been very manual in nature. Our cloud-based policy drafting tool allows for streamlined collaboration across all stakeholders in the process. From writing policy all the way to approval and publication, each step can be completed within Esper.

An area we identified as critical in the policy lifecycle was visibility. Esper allows your agency to visualize and analyze your policies with the ability to identify repealed references, average reading level of policy, average page length, total restrictions and more.

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