Written By: Jay Colavita
Founder & President

Week 3 of Cybersecurity Awareness Month focuses on Cybersecurity Career Awareness to encourage individuals to explore a career in cybersecurity whether you are an experienced professional seeking a career change or a student looking to start your career.

Cybersecurity jobs are in high demand and the US government is competing with Fortune 500 companies to recruit and retain employees.  To combat this challenge the government and the military are turning to existing personnel to help fill some of these openings by providing cybersecurity training and education classes; however, the traditional passive classroom-based learning doesn’t suite a remote workforce or the changing pace of cybersecurity.  The government and the military need to leverage on-demand cyber training that allow users to experience simulated threats and breach scenarios safely.  If you agree, then Immersive Labs should be at the top of your list especially if you want to encourage healthy competition through gamification.  Leveraging a cyber training platform like Immersive labs will allow your employees to develop critical cyber skills in a hybrid work environment while still allowing them the opportunity to be part of a friendly team competition.  I have found that employees learn more effectively, retain knowledge easier, and develop new skills faster when provided a safe environment to learn at their own pace while still providing a friendly competitive team experience.