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F.H. Black & Company Incorporated (FHB) brings nearly 30 years of experience and more than a thousand successful project completions, to every client engagement. They enable public sector finance, budget, and audit departments across North America to improve and automate their most time-consuming, monotonous, and dreaded business processes.

FHB begins each prospective engagement by interviewing the client’s team and reviewing their current processes. They then collaborate with them to redesign those processes—choosing, customizing, implementing, and supporting the best enabling technology 

By incorporating their time-tested proprietary data model, they ensure their clients not only have the best available software but a comprehensive solution to meet their needs. FHB’s principal consultants are all CPAs with public sector experience, making them uniquely qualified to understand our clients’ processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

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  • Workiva Health Check Need to evaluate your use of Workiva to see what you could be doing better?
  • Workiva 101: Beyond the Basics Want to Take your Workiva skills to the next level? Take the Workiva: Beyond the Basics training.
  • Workiva + AdraFHB has developed an integration tool that will allow you to reap the combined benefits of Workiva and the Trintech Adra Suite of Solutions.

Success Stories:

  • City of Houston and Houston Airport SystemBy partnering with FHB for ACFR process improvement, the City of Houston and Houston Airport System reaped the benefits of concurrent implementations.
  • School District 83Learn how FHB helped School District 83 focus on higher-level work—saving time, simplifying steps, and reducing errors.
  • City of TorranceThe City of Torrance, California was seeking a new approach to audit management. FHB stepped in to help improve and automate their processes using Workiva Audit Management Software.
  • Deschutes CountyDeschutes County reduced its budget book preparation time by 60-65% in year one and anticipate greater efficiency gains in the coming years. Learn how they made massive efficiency gains with only moderate guidance.
  • Chicago Public SchoolsChicago Public Schools saved hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in their Annual Comprehensive Financial Report preparation costs. We interviewed them to learn more.
  • City of Fort WayneThe city of Fort Wayne reduced their budget book preparation time by 300 hours, that’s 75%! This is how they did it.

Thought Leadership:



  • Workiva 101: Beyond the BalanceOnline Fundamentals of Workiva training for government, corporate, education and public practice users.
  • Workiva 201: Advance Data ManagementMaster your Workiva data in this live, hands-on, CPA-led course designed for government, corporate, education and public practice users.
  • Enforcing Internal Controls to Manage RisksTake your internal controls to the next level with this online course. Designed for professionals in local government, this course explores best practices for internal controls, controls for the accounts payable process, key financial control points, basic policies related to the disbursement of funds, and more.
  • Internal Controls – Risks, Control Activities & MonitoringTake your risk management to the next level with this online course. Designed for professionals in local government, this course explores risks, control activities, and controls monitoring using real-world examples.

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