Harness is the industry’s first end-to-end software delivery platform using AI/ML. The modular platform is comprised of Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Cloud-Cost Management (CCM), Feature Flags, Security Test Orchestration (STO), Service Reliability Management (SRM), and Chaos Engineering (CE).

Harness provides a simple, safe, and secure way for government enterprises to release applications to production across their respective mission-based architectures. By implementing the Harness software delivery platform, users can reduce total cost of IT spend through an integrated SDLC, accelerate network and cloud computing migration, develop a standardized DevOps practice, and adopt a true agile DevSecOps practice through our OPA-based governance engine and custom pipeline policies.

The Harness CI/CD Platform

A self-service platform solution, the Harness CI/CD Platform enables software changes of all types to reach production environments in a safe, quick, and sustainable way.

Continuous Delivery

  • Self-Service CD enabling engineers to deploy on-demand without scripts,plugins, version dependencies, toil, or downtime. Easily switch from monolithic to microservices, and perform painless cloud migrations.

Continuous Integration

  • Take source code to artifact with container-native CI and Test Intelligence so all builds are isolated and test cycles shortened by up to 98%, reducing manual effort significantly.

Cloud Cost Management

  • Empowers engineers with cloud cost visibility of their apps, microservices, workloads and clusters. No tagging required when used with Continuous Delivery. Reduce waste caused by idle resources and overprovisioned environments with intelligent AutoStopping

Feature Flags

  • Ship more features with less risk, faster, and more intelligently. Remove delivery bottlenecks by empowering non-technical teams to effortlessly turn features on and off.

Security Test Orchestration

  • Empower your devs with prioritized security vulnerability data – Deliver highly secure applications while maintaining deployment velocity and minimizing rework. Enable proactive application security scanning and governance within your CI/CD pipeline

Service Reliability Management

  • Continuously improve reliability of application services using SLO-based software delivery management with automated governance, verification, and shared reliability goals.

Chaos Engineering

  • Inject real-world stresses into systems, enabling teams to understand their effects and equip them with the information they need to avoid costly downtime, through public and private chaos hubs.

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Information and pricing on how to order Harness.

GSA Multiple Award Schedule IT 70
Contract #: GS-35F-688GA
Vertosoft GSA Supply Schedule Price List

Contract #: 47QTCA21A002A

CMAS California Multiple Award Schedules
Contract #: 3-23-06-1020
CMAS Contract Vehicle 

Contract #: 220105
TIPS Pricing Table

Contract #: W52P1J-20-D-0067

NCPA – OMNIA Partners
Contract #: 01-165

Texas DIR
Contract #: DIR-CPO-5327
Texas DIR Price List

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For more information about Harness, please contact:

Number: (571) 707-4130
Email: harnessio@vertosoft.com