Latent AI, Inc. is a leading expert in edge AI, specializing in simplifying the complex process of implementing AI on any device. Established in 2018, Latent AI’s cutting-edge developer platform is trusted by both government and commercial organizations looking to revolutionize their operations by harnessing the power of AI at the edge. Our tools empower developers to rapidly build secure, adaptive models, and seamlessly update them in the field or lab. For more information on how we help organizations create better and safer AI more quickly, please visit

From lab to life, seamlessly. LEIP empowers secure AI, anywhere.

The Latent AI Efficient Interference Platform (LEIP) is an all-in-one AI development kit that empowers developers to build secure models ultra-fast, with seamless field or lab updates.

Ultra-fast, effortless ML every time

A key feature of LEIP, Recipes are a library of benchmarked and ready to execute configurations that combine model and device optimization on your data into a repeatable process. Recipes enable effortless design for developers and engineers who need to quickly determine the model size and inference speed for any hardware specification.

Secure, Easy to Maintain Runtime for Your Edge Device

The Latent AI Runtime Engine (LRE) is a secure standardized runtime engine for Edge AI that is frictionless to deploy and maintain.

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