Spearheading the Emerging Technology Growth in Government

When Jay Colavita founded Vertosoft back in 2016, he had a distinct vision in mind—accelerate the adoption of technology in the government market. Having worked with large government software distributors and solution providers for over 20 years, he realized that emerging technology companies are constantly battling against significant barriers to penetrate the government market. This is in large part due to their lack of knowledge and expertise required to develop and execute an effective go-to-market strategy for being successful. In fact, these companies often have an insufficient understanding of how the government buys software and acquires new technology. “We are focused on helping the emerging technology companies break into the government market by providing a multi-faceted sales approach that dramatically reduces barrier to entry and accelerates time to revenue,” says Colavita, President and Founder of Vertosoft. As one of the leading emerging technology distributors for the U.S. government, Vertosoft provides education and mentorship to help these companies understand the best approach to sell into the market.

Vertosoft offers solutions and services to modernize IT infrastructures across the federal, state, and local governments through the adoption of both cloud and emerging technology solutions. To this end, Vertosoft helps emerging companies gain access to government contract vehicles so that the government can easily purchase their software. The company is squarely focused on generating qualified leads for the technologies it represents. This encompasses connecting these companies to potential government customers who have the requirements for the technology and the funding to purchase it.

As a team of industry experts with a deep understanding of IT procurement processes, Vertosoft provides technology manufacturers with a robust inside sales capability, including lead development, call/email campaigns, quotes and deal management, contract fulfillment, and even partner management. The company also provides the infrastructure specifically designed to support the government market in terms of contract management as well as digital marketing and field marketing events.

Moreover, Vertosoft provides access to government bid boards that are constantly advertising new RFPs/RFQs and new requirements. The company also offers bid and proposal support through responding to RFPs and RFIs, helping with proposal and capture management and program management. 20 M OST PROM ISING SOLUTION PROVIDERS – 2021 PUBLIC SECTOR

Additionally, the company has recently started offering its new solution set around managed services. “This falls into two categories; first off, we offer managed services to help host and manage technology on the Federal Risk and Management Program (FedRAMP) environments for our customers. Secondly, we help with our clients’ software delivery, software management, and license management,” explains Colavita.

Over the years, Vertosoft has driven the success of many clients and accelerated their revenue growth. For instance, Vertosoft helped a client in the financial technology space that had no federal customers. Vertosoft developed the client’s product, marketing, and pricing strategy and enabled them to gain access to contract vehicles while building their pipeline. Today, the company has a team of five personnel dedicated to the federal markets and will be producing over $10 million in revenue in the government space this year.

In order to ensure that its clients maintain their competitive edge, Vertosoft deploys a customer success team that constantly works with them. “Apart from our knowledge and experience in the government marketplace, we are highly distinguished in the market due to our unique approach to lead development and finding new leads and opportunities for our customers. Additionally, our ability to add new technology to existing contract vehicles in a rapid pace steers us ahead of the competition,” mentions Colavita.

Vertosoft’s people and resources are the most important asset of the company. The company’s team of experts comprises individuals with a diverse set of skillsets and expertise. In fact, Vertosoft offers over 70 years of combined government software sales experience supporting all aspects of the government acquisition lifecycle. Vertosoft brings highly skilled professionals with expertise in sales, finance, and contracting, all under one organization, to provide the ultimate value to its customers.

Over the years, Vertosoft has been growing rapidly and doubling in size and revenue each year. Steering ahead, the company aims to expand its portfolio in order to offer a broader range of emerging technologies to the government. Moreover, Vertosoft continues to invest in its managed services offering to provide an easier way for government customers to consume and adopt technology in a more rapid fashion. “We are planning to also offer an incubator program where we can bring in new innovative technology and help coach and mentor technology manufacturers so that they can sell their products in the government market faster,” notes Colavita.

Published on CIO Review