OutSystems is a modern application platform that simplifies every stage of the app development and delivery process. Developers and teams can provide apps the business requires at the speed the market demands.
Development teams design, develop, QA and analyze and manage their apps, no matter the size. All front-end and back-end development needs are covered. It also handles deployment and long-term maintenance. No one has to piece together separate tools, which can add cost and reduce productivity. And, we offer governance and impact analysis so big projects can get even bigger without requiring additional coding or management.
Visual, model-driven development is at the core of the OutSystems platform, but there is so much more than that. OutSystems provides everything an organization needs to build applications fast, right, and for the future. The goal is to reduce costs and risks by enabling continuous deployment across all platforms without breaks in the lifecycle by providing:
  1. Rapid productivity throughout the application lifecycle: You create your apps and integrate in weeks or less, not months.
  2. Speed and code: Developing with a visual model while retaining complete flexibility to integrate custom code enables extensibility, efficiency, and accelerated development.
  3. Multexperience development: Develop an application that can run on any device or platform. Risks, development time and costs are significantly reduced with error-free, automated deployments.
  4. Open platform: Protect your investment in large back end systems by integrating with existing systems of record and/or data sources
  5. Enterprise-grade platform: Build and manage very large portfolios of applications created by teams of developers just as easily and quickly as a single app.
  6. Reduced costs: Reduce the costs of application maintenance to a fraction with automated dependency management and holistic application lifecycle management (ALM).
  7. No lock-in: No runtime interpreters or engines are required to enable OutSystems applications. The platform generates apps with a standard architecture.

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