Written By: Jay Colavita

The US Federal Government’s fiscal year runs from October 1st through September 30th and has an estimated IT budget of over 95 billion dollars.  This fiscal year the government operated under a series of short-term continuing resolutions for almost the first half of the year.  The full year omnibus bill wasn’t passed until mid-March leaving just over 6 months for the financial and program managers to spend their approved funds.  I am expecting that this will lead to an even greater number of Unfunded Requirements (UFR) being funded in the next 2 months.  The planning for this spending began in early summer when programs start reporting to agency leadership what funds they are not going to be able to use by the end of the fiscal year. At the same time agencies and programs develop Unfunded Requirements (UFR) that they share with agency leadership.  These UFR request are prioritize by leadership and begin to be funded with these identified unused program dollars that are swept up as the fiscal year end approaches.  Therefore, it is even more critical to deliver unsolicited technology solution proposals and quotes now to your federal prospects.  Make sure to include options for how they can procure through existing government wide acquisition contracts (GWAC) such as GSA, Army ITES-SW2, and USAF 2GIT.  Program managers and agency personnel sometimes only have hours to respond to leadership if they can leverage end of year funds.  If leadership is not assured that the acquisition can be completed by September 30th, then they will pull the funds and leverage for another UFR request to ensure the funds get spent before September 30th.  Vertosoft has extensive experience navigating this complex process, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and assistance.