Written By: Ashlianne Shigley

Trust, security, and cost are some of the most common pain points in cloud marketing, but luckily these can all be overcome. While customers are more risk-averse today, standards help bear some of the responsibility. Whether it be DoD IL protocols, or FedRAMP and its subsequent controls, pointing to those things that allow your customers to understand the cloud is a safe environment for their data can actually create a selling point.

Rather than solution selling, focus on value selling. Listen to the problems and pains your customer may have and hone in on the singular issues that can be solved in a cloud-leveraged environment. Additionally, messaging to your customer is key, and a great way to start is by demonstrating you support Federal initiatives. Security is also incumbent in cloud architecture, much different from Legacy On-Prem models. Narrowing in on this pain point in such a way will help to further drive home the long-term viability of the cloud. Regarding cost, agencies will need to put in place governance controls leveraging tools such as Harness.io Cloud Cost Management (CCM) to ensure the cost benefits are realized and to control cloud spend.