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Vertosoft, the leading distributor of emerging technologies to the government, has been named the new public sector distributor for Spectro Cloud and its Kubernetes management platform, Palette. 

Kubernetes is at the forefront of how government bodies today innovate their applications and digital experiences, and it’s one of the fastest-growing technologies across the sector. But it has traditionally been challenging to operate, particularly across diverse environments and as the number and complexity of workloads increase.

With Spectro Cloud’s Palette platform, Vertosoft now offers channel partners a compelling solution for their agency customers, making it easy to run and manage their Kubernetes clusters: simply, securely, at scale. 

Palette has unique capabilities to manage the full lifecycle of multiple Kubernetes clusters, whether they’re deployed on premises in virtualized or bare metal data centers, at the edge, in air-gapped environments, or in the cloud. 

Spectro Cloud has already earned multiple awards and recognitions, including a Gartner Cool Vendor rating, and has built an impressive roster of loyal customers, including T-Mobile and GE HealthCare.

With the new VerteX edition of Palette, released today, Spectro Cloud is announcing clear intentions to be the product of choice for public sector customers too. VerteX features GovCloud support, FIPS cryptographic support and other enhancements.

“The Spectro Cloud Palette VerteX platform comes at a pivotal time in the public sector where managing Kubernetes sprawl across organizations using multiple cluster types, across multiple cloud and on-prem environments, is very much a challenging reality,” says Josh Slattery, Vice President of Technology Sales at Vertosoft. 

“It’s great to see Spectro Cloud launch a truly mission-ready Kubernetes management solution for government straight out of the gate, and we are excited to see the impact it will have on our public sector customers.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Vertosoft has been named Spectro Cloud’s exclusive distributor for the public sector. Vertosoft’s broad network of channel partners can immediately benefit from positioning the Palette software to their agency customers to unlock the growth potential of the Kubernetes market. 

“Vertosoft has built an unbeatable reputation in the government sector, bringing together the most innovative technologies and the most trusted resellers and system integrators, with relentless focus on the needs of government,” said Kyle Goodwin, Vice President, Federal at Spectro Cloud. “The Vertosoft team immediately understood the unique value that Palette can add to their vendor portfolio, and I know they’ll be the perfect champion for us.”

Vertosoft is excited to begin highlighting Spectro Cloud’s Kubernetes management platform to its public sector network. Partners and their agency customers are invited to demo Palette firsthand to see how they can manage and simplify Kubernetes at scale while reducing time, effort, and cost.

About Vertosoft

Vertosoft is a high-value distributor dedicated to providing the most coveted innovative and emerging technology solutions to the government. Our comprehensive solution portfolio coupled with our elite services provides channel partners and suppliers with the enablement, inside sales support, contracts, and compliant systems required to drive growth in the government market.

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About Spectro Cloud

Spectro Cloud uniquely enables organizations to deploy and manage Kubernetes in production, at scale. Its Palette enterprise Kubernetes management platform gives platform engineering and DevOps teams effortless control of the full Kubernetes lifecycle even across multiple clouds, data centers, bare metal and edge environments. Ops teams are empowered to support their developers with curated Kubernetes stacks and tools based on their specific needs, with granular governance and enterprise-grade security.

Co-founded in 2019 by CEO Tenry Fu, Vice President of Engineering Gautam Joshi and Chief Technology Officer Saad Malik, Spectro Cloud is backed by Stripes, Sierra Ventures, Boldstart Ventures, Westwave Capital, Alter Venture Partners, Firebolt Ventures, T-Mobile Ventures and TSG.

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