Vertosoft and Microblink have announced a new partnership, where Vertosoft will act as a distributor for Microblink’s identity solutions for the U.S. Public Sector. 

With Microblink’s AI-powered software, the U.S. Public Sector and its federal, state, and local network of consumers and partners will fast-track their digital transformation while giving citizens and government workers an easy way to complete and validate once-complicated processes. 

Citizens will scan their ID documents and credit cards to easily onboard for a wide range of government services like obtaining a new driver’s license, voting, and unemployment insurance.  These users will not be required to type in their PII and their data will automatically be more accurate. In addition to digital onboarding, agencies such as FEMA, military, police, and ambulance also benefit from identity document scanning. They will use ID scanning and verification for faster and more efficient verification of people’s identities in the field. As an additional layer of security, document and identity verification will be a part of the process to check the authenticity of IDs and to verify if the person signing up is who they claim to be. 

“With so much of the U.S. Public Sector going through a digital transformation, improving Citizen engagement without complicating the experience is incredibly important,” said Josh Slattery, Vertosoft’s VP of Technology Sales. “Microblink’s ability to identify and validate documentation at the edge has tremendous applicability across all U.S. Public Sector services. Vertosoft is excited to partner with Microblink and assist with bringing their platform to all of our U.S. Public Sector customers and partners.” 

“We’re pleased to partner with Vertosoft to bring our best-in-class suite of identity scanning and verification products to federal, state, and local organizations,” said Tom Thomason, Executive VP of Global Sales at Microblink. “We’ve seen tremendous interest from the public sector to date. We look forward to helping more organizations leverage our core expertise in computer vision and AI to eliminate manual data entry, improve data quality, and speed up processes for end consumers and constituents.” 

With this partnership, federal, state, and local government bodies will have easier access to solutions that can reliably and securely process and store identity data while upholding ISOO27001 requirements. 

About Vertosoft 

Vertosoft accelerates the adoption of innovative and emerging technology within the government. With our focus on emerging technology growth, Vertosoft is positioned to reduce complexity and provide scalable, cloud-ready technology solutions that enable government agencies to deliver smarter, client-centric digital transformations.

About Microblink

Microblink is a global company creating easy-to-use, enterprise-ready AI solutions that automate manual processes and elevate the user experience in any mobile or web app. Their AI-powered solutions mitigate security risks and help comply with various regulations while delivering industry-leading customer and user experiences. Microblink’s technology has processed over 12 billion identity documents for its global customers from more than 60 countries.

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