Autura is the leading SaaS solution, serving major cities such as Miami, San Francisco, Rome, and 25 others. It alleviates the burdens of vehicle management by helping cities improve traffic flow and enhance law enforcement productivity. Autura keeps vehicles and cities moving smoothly for law enforcement, government officials, and vehicle owners.
Imagine an innovative towing ecosystem that not only ensures swift and efficient vehicle recovery, but also keeps more tow operators on the road and more law enforcement protecting the community. The solution is Autura’s cutting-edge technology platform, coupled with our paralleled towing industry expertise. Autura disrupted a legacy system of outdated, analog systems and revolutionizes the towing industry into a seamlessly integrated ecosystem that benefits law enforcement agencies, tow operators, and vehicle owners. Autura has built a system that is optimized to maximize the utilization of resources, ultimately leading to improved safety on the roads, reducing secondary crashing—all while saving officers’ and dispatchers’ time. Their product significantly improves safety of the community by ensuring vehicles that pose a danger, such as illegally parked or abandoned vehicles are promptly removed from the streets.

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